Springboks Deny England world Cup

Posted: October 21, 2007 in Sports News

South Africans Springboks have snatched the rugby world cup from England. I did not expect any of the two to win the world cup, like many neutrals this was the year mighty New Zealand were expected to peak just at the right time but as you already know they failed once again.

In high school I wasnt much of an athlete but I was good enough to I play as a hooker for my house rugby team and I only scored one try, let me say it was a fluke try. But its was my happiest day. Rugby is about tries andI think its bad for rugby when fans dont see a try in a game.

In yesterdays final, Jonny Wilkinson kicked in 2 kicks but was outshone by four Percy Montgomery kicks. South Africa won 15-6. No tries but a great match from two sides not many expected to win. They showed hunger and skill to win.

It had been a remarkable run to the final for England, who went into the tournament woefully short of form.

Going to the world cup South Africa had to bury the ghost of the last world cup in Australia that ended in a scandal. Members of the techinical bench had to resign after photos of  naked players  in a boot camp were published in the press. It was case misunderstanding, what the technical bench saw as a team bonding exercise the rest of timid society saw as obscenity.

Argentina must be my team of the tournament, they didnt win but winning the third place is fantastic for them, after all they were expected to just fill the numbers in the tournament.

The three top finishers South Africa, England and Argentina secret to success are team work and self belief. They have shown us what happens when you put your troubles behind and think forward. Some people call this forward thinking, Positive thinking.

See Photos from rugby world cup final here

See Photos from passionate rugby fans  here


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