New York marathon 37,000 stories

Posted: October 20, 2007 in marathon, New York Marathon

New York marathon is one of the most sought after marathon events in the world. Every year 37,000 runners run in the streets of New York.

The orgnisers have done a fantastic job by having a cool website to promote the event. Its the best website I have seen of all the top marathon events. The website is designed to give every marathon runner a voice but if you are too shy to share your story you can get inspired by fellow runners.

The site has a section where runners share their personal stories of their hopes and dreams, their challenges and frustrations. Each story is highly personal, heartfelt, and inspirational.

I have picked two of the best that I read and felt they will inspire you as well as entertain you.

Confident Marilson Gomes Santos Story

Before winning the ING New York City Marathon 2006, few runners and running enthusiasts knew about him. This is his comment on why he thought he won “The press described my win as a surprise, but my victory did not surprise me because I knew about my physical condition and how well I had prepared myself for the race. I kept myself focused because I knew it would be a very hard race and I did not want to let that shake my confidence. Throughout the race, I was mentally and emotionally relaxed. In a word, I was tranquil. November 5, 2006, was my day. All the preparations that I made and all of the sacrifices that I made came together on that day, and that is why I won” Read the rest of his story here

Courtney Leborious Story

He was smoker who had tried quiting smoking without success until he dedicated himself to training for the marathon “When I am running, all my cares slip away. I feel whole, healthy, and healed. I have run five half-marathons and have found people I love. The sport unlocked something inside me that makes me so proud of myself.” to read the rest of his story read it here

The have countless stories for your enjoyment.

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