Seven Tips for Marathon Training

Posted: October 18, 2007 in marathon, marathon training

I write for you the seven most important tips in marathon training.

Running a marathon is easy the hard part is training for a marathon. Your marathon training will make or break you.

  1. Start Early

You should start serious training at least 4 months to the marathon. This has two advantages, one, it ensures your body is physically prepared to the rigours of marathon running. Two, as you train you will get inevitable injuries, a runner who started training early will have time to heal and get back to training.

If you are ambitious like me, you intend to run a full marathon under 3 hrs then keep running around the year.

2. Do Hill runs

A 42K marathon is an endurance event. The average amateur runners takes over 4 hrs to get to the finish line. You will need stamina in your legs to be running for such a long time. To develop endurance do plenty of hill drills. Another endurance training exercise is running in mud.

3. Drink Plenty of water

This obvious, but during training you normally dont have access to water like during the marathon. In a marathon organisers ensure water is available.

You cant carry your own water. I personally find it a heavy baggage. So drink plenty of water the day before and immediately before your runs.

5. Eat a balanced diet

Many marathon runners waste time seeking a special diet to boost their energy level. There is no magical bullet, just eat a balanced diet of Carbohydrates, proteins fats and the occasssional fruits and you will be fine.

Remember, runners have been running even before the invention of food supplements.

6. Meet fellow runners

Marathon running can be lonely experience. In this world of internet there is no excuse for being lonely. Alot of my ideas on running have been harvested from my interaction with fellow runners.

Take time to meet fellow runners, in your town and the internet. This way you will share experiences, get tips and get inspired

7. Start your day by reading Road

For inspiration, for training advice, latest in running news and some entertainment you will find it all here. The site is updated daily to help you keep the fire burning in your belly.


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