Marathon Endurance Log

Posted: October 17, 2007 in marathon, marathon training

Its only 13 Days to Nairobi Marathon, and I feel strong and confident of meeting my target to run the full marathon under 3 hrs. I have been looking forward to the marathon since I crossed the finish line at last years Nairobi marathon.

I started marathon training in January doing 10K runs twice a month. At the beginning of June I started itensive marathon training. Running thrice a week.

My goals this year have been  to develop endurance and work on my speed training. Last year I ran comfortably upto the 30K mark before I hit the wall. From that point my marathon running was all down hill, my feet got sore and I ran out of body fuel. I slowed down and inevitably started walking.

Endurance training

To develop endurance I have done hill runs, all my long runs included running on hilly roads.

Running on mud is another endurance training strategy. When you run on mud your shoe get heavy and you get stuck on mud. This means your legs carry extra weight. Its like going to a gym and lifting weights with your legs, with time you will develop strong legs.

Another one of my strategy of developing strong legs has been doing frog jumps around a track. This is risky, if you over do it you risk injuring your ankles. But if you do it well you will develop strength in your leg muscles. The perfect way to do frog jumps is do them slowly

Open up to the running world

At the end of August I started this running blog and share my running adventures with all of you. I hope you will get informed and inspired.

My 2007 target Speed

Speed training is endurance training in disguise. The more you get used to run at a high speed for a long period the better your running times.

My target time for 2007 Nairobi marathon is to run 4min per kilometre upto 30K mark. I.e 2 hrs to get to 30K mark. I can then sped the last 1 hr covering the last 12K. I hope the strategy works!

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