Bizarre Sporting Accidents

Posted: October 17, 2007 in Sports News

Back in August I wrote a funny story of Leroy Litta, a professional soccer player, of how he injured his leg muscle while stretching in bed after waking up in the morning. He got the unfortunate injury two weeks to the start of English Premier league.

With two weeks to Nairobi Marathon I got a freak accident of my own. I was refilling a print cartridge of my printer when as I was cleaning the syringe, I accidentally pierced my two fingers.

The bleeding stopped immediately but the pain persisted. I was worried, Could I have got a Tetanus infection? After 36hrs the pain disappeared and my confidence is back.

The following are some funny football  stars who have been victims of some unbelievable Bizarre accidents.

  1. Leroy Lita, soccer player with Reading Football club of England injured his leg muscles while stretching in bed in the morning. My advice never try to score in bed.
  2. Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United, Picked up a tendon strain watching TV. My advice, never put your feet on the table while watching TV
  3. Santiago Canizares Spanish Goal Keeper, Dropped a bottle of aftershave and severed a tendon.My advice, stop using after shave.
  4. Alan Mullery Injured his back cleaning his teeth.My advice, clean your teeth while seated
  5. Darren Barnard Slipped in a puddle of his dog’s liquid. My advice, never walk after your dog.

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