Endurance Training For Marathon

Posted: October 15, 2007 in marathon training

Some times in life you get more than you bargain for.

Yesterday I planned to do a half marathon in one hour22 mins, that is within my Nairobi marathon race target of running 1K in 4mins. I was unable to to achieve my target after I had to stop at 17K mark.

The previous night it had rained and the training track was soggy and muddy. Running in mud is difficult and risky. The mud sticks in your shoe and you cant be able to run as fast as you would like. Carrying that extra weight in your legs strains your hip and leg muscles. Mud is slippery and maintaining balance is difficult. If you slip you risk injuring yourself. The advantage of running in mud is that it helps in your endurance training. The extra weight stuck in your shoes helps in building muscle leg stamina. So if you want to build endurance wait after it rains and go marathon running in a muddy road

So what was intended to be a speed test ended up being an endurance test. I tried my best to maintain my marathon target speed of 4 mins but the weight made it difficult.

At 10k mark I was behind target by 4 mins, with the difficult conditions I expected a worse time so I was some how thrilled and pushed hard. Running got harder, carrying the extra weight, a slip here and there, and being keen to avoid stepping on very slippery parts. I just kept panting and panting.

When I got to the 15K mark I again checked my wrist watch and I was behind target by 8 mins. No matter how hard I tried to run fast, the mud wouldnt let me.

As I was getting to the 18 K mark I felt my hip getting disjointed . During running and walking your hips muscles lift your legs. The extra weight from the mud in my shoes meant my hips were being over worked. I immediately stopped. The Nairobi marathon is two weeks away and I dont want to get an injury now. I dont have time to nurse an injury.

Sometimes the best decision you can make during marathon training is knowing when to quit.


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