In Marathon: Cheating Doesnt Pay

Posted: October 14, 2007 in marathon, marathon running

In my two years of marathon running I have run alone, so no one is there to see whether I do what I plan to do. I personaly discipline myself to make sure I run the distance I set myself.

Marathon training is the one activity where your personal morality is put to test. If you want to get to a place the human nature is for you to seek the shortest distance possible. This goes against requiremnent of marathon training where the only way to get better is to seek the longest distance possible.

Cheating doesnt pay

If you take the short cut, you are cheating yourself. You might get to your destination in a short time but you lose out on a opportunity to train hard and get strong.

When I was in high school, every saturday morning we used to run a cross country, as an avid runner I loved Saturday Morning runs. Other less talented students would take a short cut to the finish. They could get away with cheating beacause they had no ambition of running competitively.

In a race the threat of being spotted by the overzealous race steward is enough deterent to stop you from cheating. During marathon training no one is watching you to see whether you are taking a short cut, you have to watch yourself.

Watching yourself requires discipline. You need to be strong enough to resist the temptation to take short cuts because you will only jeorpadise your chances of being ready for a marathon.

If you are ever faced with the temptation to take a short cut ask yourself is this right? does this make me a better marathon runner? If the answer to this questions is no! then slogg along.


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