How To Wear Your Running Shoe?

Posted: October 14, 2007 in marathon training, Running Injuries

I told you about my aching ankle on the right leg and how have been trying to get it to heal. I have rested it and done a few jogs and also tried a new running technique. Finally I have caught the culprit!

After I started my jog yesterday I had to stop to tie back my shoe lace, I tightened it tighter than normal and quickly got back running.

Marathon Injury disappears

I immediately felt the difference a firm tie made: the feet and ankle were firmly held. And surprising the strain disappeared. It was my Eureka moment. I discovered a proper tie of your shoes can give your foot the proper balance to run comfortably.

Perfect Marathon Run

I stopped jogging and immediately started running. It was the most comfortable run I have experienced.

Tying your shoes properly can reduce the risk of an ankle injury during marathon running. Loose shoes intefere with your landing and pulling. Landing and pulling are the main cause of ankle injury.

Next time you go out for that run remember you tie your running shoe properly to prevent your shoes from loosely hanging on your feet. The perfect tie is you tighten them up at the arch and up to the ankle. Your ankle will get a firm support to aid your mobility.

Dr. Romanov on his site thinks wearing the shoes right is just as important as wearing the right shoes. And on his site he has written three recommendations on how to wear the right shoe.

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