Today in Sporting History

Posted: October 12, 2007 in Today in history

Am a believer in capitalism,the philosophy of progress and getting rich. I admire men and women who find innovative ways to solve business problems. In 1989 when Cowboys needed players and did not have money to buy the management traded their star player Herschel Walker to Vikings for 12 player. Have an innovative day. 

In 1853, John Morrissey wins boxing title, when Yankee Sullivan leaves ring after 36th round to slug Morrissey’s fans. If you thought Mike Tyson was the first bad boy of Boxing you are wrong. Sullivan might have been his 19 century inspiration.

In 1927,  Hermann Gorner of Germany raises 24 men weighing 4,123 lbs on a plank with the soles of his feet.

In 1968,  Norma Enriqueta Basilio Satelo is 1st woman to light Olympic flame as 19th modern Olympic games opens in Mexico City.

In 1989 Cowboys reinvented medieval commerce of barter trade when Herschel Walker is traded from Cowboys to Vikings for 12 player.

In 1997,  David Duval wins Michelob Championship at Kingsmill Golf Club. Duval was at one time a challenger to Tiger Wood, a divorce left his career in ruins.


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