Should you run that marathon?

Posted: October 10, 2007 in marathon training

After the death of one runner at Chicago marathon, questions are being asked about who is fit to run a marathon. In one comment a writer said  Marathons should be forced to implement strict entry standards to eliminate the 80% or more of “runners” who are not prepared for the event. If they will not protect themselves, the event has a responsibility to do so. Then another one went further and issued an entry criteria “More marathons should have at least one qualification for entry (aside from being able to pay the entry fee) — perhaps supplying proof of having ever run a previous race, at the very least! So many casual newbies enter the marathon as their first race with unrealistic expectations and not enough training” What do you think?

Is it right to demand that new runners must first show proof of having participated in a marathon before being allowed to participate in a full marathon.

If what wasrequired for you to enter a marathon was evidence of participation of a previous marathon, I would have been disqualified to participate in my first Nairobi Marathon.

Its sad what happened at Chicago Marathon but lets hope common sense prevails and the organizers of marathons don’t panic and come up with draconian entry requirements.

Advantages of marathon training

I have always said in this blog If you plan to run a marathon you need to train hard. Start your training at minimum three months in advance. When you start early you will build muscles strength to withstand rigours of marathon running. Another advantage of an early start is when you suffer inevitable injuries you will have time to recover.

No matter how hard you train you will need a little bit of some luck. Good Luck!

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