How To Avoid Burnt Out Before a Marathon

Posted: October 10, 2007 in marathon running, marathon training

You are always reminded that best way to prepare for a marathon whether is full or half is you train hard by clocking many miles per week. Some times the best way to get better for a marathon is to not train at all. I don’t mean you completely stop training but relax your body.

After a weeks of clocking many miles in preparation for Nairobi Marathon my ankles are aching and am in need of some rest. Am fearing if I dont heal the pain away I might not be physically prepared for the marathon which is two weeks away. But I have to go slow on training and relax my body abit.

I was reminded of the importance of relaxing by Newcastle United FC manager Sam Allardyce, he was advising one of his star player James Milner The 21-year-old midfielder made 52 appearances for the club last season and has missed only one game to date this season as well as establishing himself as England’s most-capped international at Under-21 level. His performances have won him rave reviews. As a supporter of Newcastle United I have to admit he was our best player in a season which many of our players were ravaged by injuries.

 “I am treating him very carefully at the moment and trying to get him to understand that, even as young as he is, one of the most important things is rest, not training, because the extra training could have a negative effect in the end.“The rest and plenty of sleep with the amount of games he has gone through would be more beneficial for him than too much training.” Said Sam Allardyce.

Like Sam says to avoid burning out before a marathon,  train smart, do your running but remember to get some sleep and plenty of rest.


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