Never Say Die!

Posted: October 9, 2007 in inspiring stories

It was a dramatic Chicago Marathon. It was inspiring to see Patrick Ivuti of Kenya and Berhane Adere of Ethiopia emerge victorious when they snatched victories from jaws of defeat.

Patrick peeped Jaouad at the tape. More drama was in the womens race, Adriana Pirtea of Romania was already waving at the crowds when Adere, seemingly coming out of nowhere, caught Pirtea, unawares. Adere missed the finish tape but won over the startled Romanian.

My two top sporting events where victories have been snatched from jaws of defeat are:

1. The best has to be Boston Red Sox come back against New York Yankees in 2004. Boston were down 3:0 when against all odds they won game 4 , 5, & 6 to tie the series. They finished the business by winning game seven. The win sent them to world series.

2. In 1999 I was in boarding high school, my friends and I listened over the radio to Europes Champions league Soccer final between Manchester United of Britain and Bayern Munich of Germany. Am not a fan of Manchester united so I was naturally happy when they went one goal down. With 2 minutes to go Manchester United scored two late goals to win. The one thing I remember is the biased English commentator shouting “Bayern Munich players are down weeping. They dont know what has hit them!”

Lesson, never say die keep on fighting.


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