Ivuti Conquers Chicago Marathon

Posted: October 8, 2007 in chicago marathon

How could I have been so wrong? In my bold predictions of the winner of Chicago marathon I did not include Patrick Ivuti the winner of the 30th Chicago marathon. Kenya’s Patrick Ivuti won, leaning at the finish line to edge Jaouad Gharib of Morocco by 0.05 seconds. Ethiopia’s Berhane Adere rallied to successfully defend her women’s title.

Patrick Ivuti is unknown even here in Kenya, Yesterday at Chicago Marathon, the bold runner was competing only in his second major marathon. To finish the way he did, sprinting at the last distance to edge seasoned marathon runner, Jaouad Gharib of Morocco, I have to give him my congratulations. His courage and determination inspires us all.  

It was a tough Chicago Marathon for both Seasoned marathon runners and runners like you, Paul Gardiner, a runner from England, said the weather made for a “brutal” run.”We were at about 18 miles and we heard they canceled it and that kind of sent a little bit of concern through the crowd,” he said. “It’s just it’s impossible to run.”

The 88-degree heat and sweltering humidity were so draining that organizers shut down the second half of the marathon course 3 1/2 hours after the start.

How the winner so it all

“One thing I had in my mind was that everybody is going to face the same heat,” Patrick Ivuti said. “I had no problem with that because everybody was going through the same thing as me.”

In addition to the scorching heat Patrick had to overcome the tough competition from Robert Cheruiyot the defending Chicago Marathon champion, Gharib of Morocco and Daniel Njenga the perennial 3rd place finisher, will he ever get it right and finally win?


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