Lance Is Back at New York Marathon

Posted: October 6, 2007 in marathon running, marathon training

Chatarmstrong200x200_2Will I beat Lance Armstrong this time around? Last year Lance Armstrong was doing his first full marathon and so was I. I thought it would be a good idea to see whether I could beat his time. The cycling legend has announced he will be back to New York Marathon to do the full marathon. His goal is to try and do it again under 3hrs. Read how he amazingly did it!

Lance marathon log.

This time he promises to be better prepared, “Last year, I ran with shin splints,” he said. “I thought the pain would go away during the race, but it ended up being stress fractures. I couldn’t run for six months. The breathing part of the race was fine. The pace wasn’t going to kill me. The only thing that kept me from running faster was the constant pounding. The last five or six miles were so tough, I couldn’t have run another quarter-mile.”

Last year he beat me, while Lance did the New York Marathon under three hours I crossed the finish line after 3 hrs 26 minutes. According to an article on he was aided by pace setters. This is unfair! Now you see why he beat me. While I was running Nairobi’s full marathon on my own the dude had the advatage of pace setters.

Pace setters seem to improve an athletes performance. When Haile Gebresellasie broke the marathon world record at Berlin Marathon he had the benefit of a pace setters. Pace setters allow a runner to remain focused mentally. When you are running you mind drifts away and before you even realise, you have slowed down in pace. If you have the benefit of a pace setter and your pace drops, he will leave you behind,when you realise you are being left behind you will lift your pace to try and catch up with the pace setter. Most Major marathons go out of their way to ensure top athletes have pace setters.

How to get pacesetters for a Marathon

As an amateur runner you can beat the professional by creating you own pace setters on the day of marathon. You just need to be a little bit ingenius. You can make sure you run in a group of your training partners. Your training partners have to be able to run at your pace for you to be able to run together. If you dont have training partners you may ask strangers at the starting point. Dont be shy, be courageous to ask. To get a good partner ask him/her for their running times. If your times are close then you and he/she might be a team made in heaven.

Read how Lance broke his own personal best at 2007 New York Marathon

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