A Drug for Marathon Runners

Posted: October 6, 2007 in marathon news, marathon training

Its now public that Marion Jones has admitted taking drugs to enhance her performance. She admitted in a letter to friends and relatives.  Marion Jones swallowed steroids, and lied about it, and who knows if she’s telling the whole truth now, when she says she didn’t take them knowingly, but rather was given them by her coach Trevor Graham. She almost got away with the whole lie but the truth has now come out and its only fair to her competitors to demand the medals she denied them.

A drug you can use and not get caugtht.

If you use a common steroid you will be caught thats the message the international antidoping agency is sending out! And they mean business, just look at Ben Johnson and now Poor Marion Jones. But one drug that you can use and you dont need to fear being bursted is Caffeine.

A number of studies have shown significant performance increases in various endurance disciplines, including running, following caffeine ingestion. In one study, elite runners improved their time in a treadmill run to exhaustion by 1.9 percent with caffeine. Caffeine boosted time to exhaustion in a cycling test by 15 minutes in another study.

So how does the world most widely used drug improve your  performance? It appears caffeine enhances performance in shorter events by stimulating the nervous system in ways that enable the muscles to contract faster and more efficiently. In longer events, caffeine delays fatigue by reducing the athlete’s perception of effort.

Marathon running

If you are a marathon runner and you have been searching for that magical pill to give you a lift, you may consider caffeine. It works and the good things its legal. You wont need to fear being bursted and paraded to the whole world as a warning to society. I wish Jones had read this.


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