Get more Oxygen in your breathing

Posted: October 2, 2007 in marathon training

In my quest to get better performance I have decided to try a new style of breathing. Its not a new style I have invented but an old style that was recommended to me by a physician friend. I normally run with my mouth open so I have decided to stop breathing with my mouth and try to breath exclusively with my nose.
Most of us simply don’t breathe deeply enough. Breathing using all four stages: inhaling, full pause, exhaling, and empty pause helps increase oxygen in the blood. The more oxygen in your blood, the less fatigued and more mentally alert you are. There is a strong connection between respiration and one’s mental state, so it is obviously beneficial for everyone to start working with their breathing. Shallow breathing does not exercise the diaphragm and lungs enough and most people only use a small portion of their lung capacity.

As a runner you might be wondering which is the right form of breathin, Is it breahtin with the nose or breathing with the mouth? There is no perfect answer but what is clear, the style that gets the most oxygen into your blood must have some advantage.

The Process

As I was doing my 5k run I tried to breath exclusively with the nose, the inhalation was deep and my breathing process  (from inhalation to exhalation) was slow.  I did not experience the heavy panting I normally do after my marathon start. The slow breathing process also slowed my pace. After reaching the halfway point I felt stronger and raised the tempo. When I finished I did not feel like I was running out of breath my body seemed to return comfortable to its rest state.

old habits die hard.

At first running and breathing with my nose was difficult after years of running and breathing with my mouth. I will continue with the technique for the rest of the week and see the extra benefits

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