Stay Fit for marathon

Posted: October 1, 2007 in marathon training

One way of ensuring you will be injury free and ready for your marathon is to start your preparation early. There are many advantages for starting your training early. One is you are able to do sufficient training and second is you have enough time to nurse your injuries.

Hard Marathon Knocks

Last week I had a temporary set back, my ankle was nagging so i decided to take a short break to allow it to heal. It was a result of my last full marathon practice run. After a 4 day rest the ankle is fine and am not feeling any nagging pain. I intend to get back to training this week. I have been training hard for three months and a 4 day break was a much needed break.

The one advantage of starting your training early is when you get the inevitable injuries you have sufficient time to take a break and allow your body to heal. Its unlikely you will have an injury free training, even seasoned runners get injuries once in a while, many have dropped from participating in major marathon races because the injuries did not heal on time.

Apart from injury there is the muscle pulls, which also require time to rest after constant stress of running. If you start your training program early you will have time to take breaks when you need to rest your muscles or you need that necessary treatment and healing.

Perfect Time for training

The perfect duration for training for a marathon is to train through out the year. At least you should do a run every month to stay in shape. Personally I run every two weeks, I start my intensive training in the last three months.

As you stay active throughout the year, start intensive training atleast a minimum of three months to the marathon. The last three months should be dedicated to running as many times in a week your body can handle, a pro athlete can train daily and not get an injury. But an amateur runner who trains daily will suffer injuries. Know your body and do the number runs in a week that you are comfortable with.


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