More Training To Stay Healthier

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

Training makes you healthier but marathon can make you sick. Many marathon runners are not aware of this fact. I discovered this fact after my last years participation in Nairobi marathon. I fell sick for two weeks. I thought it was a normal sickness but a visit and a chat with my Physician showed me the marathon was the cause.

On sunday I did a 42K practice marathon, at the end I was tired, my legs were aching so I took a rest. Later in the day I noticed my my body temperature was unsually higher than normal but I didnt believe it was anything serious, I thougtht it must be the heat of a marathon running in my body. When the temperature did not go lower I was convinced I was suffering from a fever. There was no symptom of any other sickness so I decided to lie down and rest. After a long rest the fever disappeared. It was clear to me the straineous marathon run had left me sick.

Come in the Professionals

Research has been done before on how marathon running affects your immune system. One interesting article is on they are a team of professional coaches. It was study published in the August, 1995 issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Dr. J. Duncan MacDougall and colleagues investigated the effects of training on the immune systems of distance runners.

Depressed Immunity

From the study too much running, a good example of a excessive running is doing the full marathon. suppresses your immune system living you vulnerable to illness. The time that you are most likely to get sick is immediately after the marathon run. The good news is that If you continue running at a high level your body adjusts to the stress and you reduce your risk of infections. This explains why professional marathon runners dont often complain of falling sick despite high levels of running. The more you train the better your immune sytem is to fighting infections.


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