Number of times to train in a week

Posted: September 22, 2007 in marathon training

How many times should I train in a week? Thats a question many of you have asked. The answer is different for every runner. A professional athlete trains on daily basis, to be exact, twice a day. This might sound too much to handle for most of us. A professional marathon runner body is strong and can cope with the stress of too much training without the risk of injury.

Strength breeds strength

The key is to get a strong body, the stronger you are the more marathon training you can engage in a week. I have been training for two years. In my first year I found it hard to do three runs in a week. Now I am able to do a long run on sunday, a single rest on monday followed by 10 k run on monday, tuesday and wednesday. The 10K runs I break them in twos, 5k in the morning another 5k in the evening. As I had written earlier, I have not had an injury this year apart from the usual muscle pulls. My body is getting stronger and am able to do alot of training without an injury. This is unlike my first year when I had to deal with plenty of injuries, aching knees and ankles. This is common for any beginner marathon runner.

No perfect number of runs

 If you read somewhere that you should do this number of runs in a week and you go right ahead to run, I dont think you are being wise. Like my high school physical teacher used to tell us, “Trust your body”. You should only do the number of runs that you feel comfortable with, not what someone tells you, unless he is your personal coach. 

When to step on breaks

You should cut down on the number of runs, if you feel too tired to run on your next run. Feeling too tired to run means your muscles have not had enough rest and are yet to recover. If you continue marathon running in that state you risk suffering from fatigue. Feeling too tired to run could also be a symptom of an illness, so check whether you are really feeling well. If you have a nagging injury you should slow down on training, if the pain doesnt go away stop running altogether and see your Physician.


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