Tigers will to win

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Tips from champions

I watched CNN world sports program and it was reported the best golfer of his generation, Tiger Wood had won a bonus of 10m $. The world number one golfer ended his 2007 PGA Tour campaign by romping to an eight-shot victory at the Tour Championship in Atlanta on Sunday.You might assume a man who has won so much money needs a break not Tiger “The whole idea is to try and keep improving and am trying to improve that a little bit to get to the next level” he told the press.”

This has been a great year for Tiger not the best. During 2007, Woods entered 16 events on the PGA Tour. He won seven of them and posted 12 top-ten finishes without once missing a cut.earn him $10,867,052 in prize money this year as well as that $10m bonus for his retirement. His career earnings in America exceed $76.57m. If this sounds like a lot of money, it’s relatively small beer compared to what Tiger earns off the course. Earlier this summer, Sports Illustrated estimated Woods would earn $112million in 2007 thanks to sponsorships and endorsements. No athlete in any sport has ever earned more than $100m in a season before.

His mental secret

If you are an ordinary human being and you won so much money I dont think you would maintain the motivation to reamin good in whatever you do. Tiger has a practiced a concentration level that has ensured he is never distracted by money or performance anxiety, “I will never say I have telekinesis,” he once said. “But I do think that when I am in the moment when my concentration is highest, when it’s at a peak, I see things more clearly and things happen slower. When that moment happens, it’s like magic.”

If you are a marathon runner and you are looking for that extra edge, you can learn from the master champion  himself. Train your mind to focus and success will come your way.


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