Blisters and Marathon running

Posted: September 17, 2007 in Running Injuries, running shoe

Blisters make your feet feel uncomfortable. Yesterday I got a blister on my small toe. As I was running I didt realise anything amiss, its when I finished and removed my shoes then socks that I noticed the blister. My experience before has been not to burst it but to let it heal by itself. It worked, when I woke up today morning the swelling had gone.

What causes Foot Blisters?

  • Heat: is the number one reason for getting Blisters. The heat responsible for causing Blisters is mostly caused by the friction between your skin and the inner of your running shoe. Sand and gravel in your running shoe can increase friction which is why they also cause Blisters.
  • Moisture: moist or wet feet from sweat or water are more susceptible to Blisters as moisture softens your skin.

What you can do about blisters

Some basic preventive measure can go along way to avoid the two causes of heat and moisture. To minimise heat is not easy for a straineous activity like marathon running. Your feet are pounding the tarmarc and in the process your shoes get hot. In addition to the pounding your shoes are closed this means heat is trapped inside the shoe. The only option you have is to avoid wearing a tight fitting shoe. A tight fitting shoe squeezes your toes increasing friction. No shoe company has yet invented an open shoe for marathon running but there are running shoe made with covering material that allows circulation of air giving your feet a cooling effect. You dont feel it during running but it works.

Simple thing to do

You can reduce moisture by wearing a water absorbing sock consult your running shop for the best type of marathon running sock. Also when marathon running, avoid stepping into water. Lastly do what I aways do, apply petroleum jelly on your feet. Its a simple thing but very effective.

  1. David Murphy says:

    I appear to have a blood blister on top of my toe although not enough to pierce it and get fluid out, in addition my toe is bruised – i am training for the london marathon and have done 223 miles in 3 weeks.

    I wondered what is the best thing to put on it to heel? I have used blister plasters from a running shop to date.

    Thank you

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