Tale of marathon training on mud.

Posted: September 16, 2007 in marathon training

My feet were aching so my plan today morning was to run on untarmarced road.Yestarday it rained and when I woke up it was still drizzling. The Standard Chartered Nairobi marathon is getting closer and time is running out fast. Rain or no rain I had to do my marathon running.

Dont quit early

If you have been running marathon by now you must be aware the most difficult part is the first 2k, your body is just warming up and your heart rate is struggling to get high. The first Kilometres you experience heavy panting but as your running heart rate peaks and muscles warm up the going gets easier. So if you are just getting started in marathon running and you tend to give up after experiencing the heavy pants, dont! as you keep running the pants will go away and marathon running becomes easy (not exactly easy but less difficult).

Running on a rough road

For a seasoned marathon runner like me getting past the warm up stage is relatively easy. Running on untarmaced road was harder  than I  anticipated. The road surface was rough and uneven which made it uncomfortable. This only increased the chance of getting an unwanted injury.  I tried my best to trend careful and avoid an injury.

Mud Challenge 

Add  the fact that it had previously rained and the road was muddy, my pace was too low to be able to run at a marathon pace. The mud stuck on my shoe and they were getting heavy, this further slowed my pace. It was not all bad because the heaviness on my leg meant my leg muscles were using more power and effort and this can only give my feet much needed stamina. The road was also slippery and I had to be carefull here. Any slip up and I could get a nasty fall.

If you want a way to develop stamina on your legs I would recommend you try marathon running on mud. Remember its not safe but if you take it easy you can master how to wade through the mud without a marathon injury. You can try this world famous mud race at camp pendleton.


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