Formula one at New york marathon

Posted: September 15, 2007 in New York Marathon


For those of you who are marathon training for New York Marathon you will be joined by a Celebrity formula one driver, Heikki Kovalainen from finland.

Offcourse he wont bring his fast Renault racing car with him. On his weekly BBC Column  he confessed he is training for the New York Marathon on 5th November 2007. Read his finishing time at 2007 New York marathon.

He has the advantage of having a personal trainer who follows him around the glamour world of formula one.  I bet his personal trainer will see that he will be in great shape for the New York marathon . If you think F1 is just about get into a car and drive away, you are wrong. As part of physical fitness he does special weight-training schedules and neck-muscle building exercises. As part of his preparation for the New York Marathon he is doing road running just like you and me.

Jorna Trulli another formula one driver has ran the New York Marathon in a time of 4 hours  and Heikki is plotting to beat Trullis time. I wish him best of Luck.


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