Build tireless legs for marathon

Posted: September 14, 2007 in marathon training

Yesterday I wrote about how to do hill runs safely. I have just read an article by Amanda Mccracken on its titled speedwork in disguise. She writes how hill drills contribute to your speed.

She writes that a marathon runner effort increases as you run up a hill, even if you reduce your pace. She advices all runners that, the best way to run a hill is to maintain effort and forget about pace while on the hill. 

She warns, “Trying to increase pace on a hill is like surging and varying the body’s perceived effort, which will only tire you prematurely in the long run.”

The Power Base

The muscles that are responsible for the power strokes are the Hip flexors. One of the best ways to strengthen your hip flexors and improve the power of your strides is with hill repeats. As you gain strength, your chances of getting injured are diminished, and this can only increase your confidence. If you can do difficult hill drills during your marathon training, a simple incline in a race (as a matter of fact most marathon routes dont have steep hills) will be a piece of cake.


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