Uphill and down hill marathon running

Posted: September 13, 2007 in marathon training

I was left sore on my feet and ankle after doing my long half marathon run on sunday. It was due to the fact my marathon training route is hilly. If you have tried marathon running on hills you must be familiar with the pain it gives the legs.

Up or down the pain is there

You feel the strain on your knees while going downhill and when you are going uphill the pressure is on you ankles and back thigh.  Going down hill is tricky because the temptation is to speed up. When you speed up you increase the likelihood of injuring your knees. To minimise the soreness on the knees while going down hill I try to slow down.

Going uphill is never easy because it requires effort. The only way you can make it easier is to do strength training on you legs.

If you have a gym membership you can ask your gym instructor for specific training exercises to build stamina on your legs. You can also try my personal sytle which is doing frog jumps around a track.

Have a drink!

Low performance on hills could also be caused by dehydration. If there is no enough fluid getting into your joints the joints will get lots of friction. So remember to take sufficient amount of water. Lastly the only guaranteed way to run uphill comfortably is to get used. As part of your marathon training do plenty of hill runs.

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