How Powell Beat himself

Posted: September 13, 2007 in Tips from champions

Jamaica's Asafa Powell bettered his own 100-meter world record by 0.03 seconds. Asafa Powell the world fastest man outdid himself by breaking his own world record. He set a new world record time of 9.74 to break his previous record of 9.77. The old time is jointly shared with the American Justin Gatlin, whose name will be removed from the record books if he fails to overturn an eight-year doping ban.

On winning the Jamaican remained as hungry as ever “This means that I can do even 9.68,” Powell said. “I’m worth that time, I know it.” Do you think this is too ambitious? Personally I think this is a winners mentality. To win great things you have to think the unthinkable.

Burying the ghost of Osaka

The record comes only two weeks after the Jamaican finished a disappointing third at the track and field world championships in Osaka, Japan.Even though he had looked dominant throughout the rounds in Osaka, Powell all but gave up in the final, despite leading with 30m left. The American Tyson Gay came up on his shoulder and Powell admitted he panicked and slipped into third place. After this incident his critics commented “he is a fine a athlete but not a competitor. This is due to the fact he hasnt won any major title. If he maintains the composure he showed at Rieti, Italy Grandprix I dont see why he wont win a Gold at next years Beijing Olympics. The only thing Powell has to fear is fear.


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