How to marathon train on unmarked track

Posted: September 12, 2007 in marathon training

I have been doing mymarathon  morning runs around an unmarked track. Its difficult running around it coz you cant tell the actual distance covered and tackling the sharp 90 degrees corner.

 Avoid knee injury

There are dos and donts of running around an unmarked track.To avoid marathon training injury you should never take the 90 degrees corners. Always run on an oval manner around the track. The way to do this is to go inside the field as you approach a corner. Taking a 90 degree turn strains the outside of your knee and increases the likelihood of a knee injury.

Most unmarked track are unkempt so they have potholes. You should avoid stepping inside the potholes. Stepping inside the potholes makes you lose balance and a loss in balance could make you fall to the ground. Keep a mental track of location of every pothole on you way. Remember to avoid them! I have discovered potholes not only make you loose your balance but also they slow you down.

A normal track is 400 metres long, but for unmarked track you never knowthe actual distance. If you want to time yourself you have to find a normal track.

If you are going to run on unmarked track, always remember the following

1. Run on an oval circuit

2. Never take a 90 degree turn

3. Avoid running into potholes


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