Federer stalking Sampras

Posted: September 11, 2007 in Tips from champions

At 26 years old, Federer has seemingly plenty of time to win the three slams that will take him past Pete Sampras’s record of 14. The smug faced Swiss world number one defeated first rising Serbian, Novak Djokovic  to win his 12th  major title at the US Open on Sunday. Djokovic credited Federer’s mental toughness as a major factor in his success. “One of his biggest strengths is that mental strength,” he said. “He’s the No1 player of the world and everybody expects him to do well in every tournament he plays in, on every surface, so he has a lot of pressure. It’s amazing to see him, how fast and how successful he deals with that pressure. He performs some incredible tennis.” You have to agree with him.

Keeps on going

That mental toughness showed on sunday when Djokovic pushed Federer all the way 7-6, 7-6, 6-4. The serbian was ever on the swiss shodow but Federer didnt loose his nerve.

Will he match Sampras? I bet he will, and do even better than the old master.

  1. jeffreydach says:

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  2. FIZA says:

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