Get it right Marathon Running

Posted: September 10, 2007 in marathon running

My decision to focus on stamina development is paying off. Remember I told you, last year what destroyed me on the marathon race was lack of stamina in the last 6 miles.

The last two weeks I have been frog jumping around a track to build my leg muscles. Yesterday I went for my half marathon run and it was an opportunity to assess my progress. I decided to run the same route I use.

A runner reborn

The effects of my work were obvious. I ran faster and felt stronger. I was making longer strides and moving faster. On hilly sections I was able to move faster where normally I do zero miles per hour. I was more interested to know how I would perform after being on the road for a long time. Would I get hungry like the last time? My leg muslces felt stronger where normally I would feel tired and unable to make a faster kick. Most encouraging was my ability to be able to lift my legs in an attempt to make a kick when I felt I needed to move faster. AND NO BOUT OF HUNGER!

The frog jumps have given me an extra strength I didnt know I had. You can try them at a track, at your backyard or around the neighbourhood and see whether they can give you that Extra power.


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