3 Ways to avoid injury

Posted: September 8, 2007 in marathon training, Uncategorized

If you can avoid injury you will look forward to the big marathon.  I have been running injury free since the start of the year. No wonder I feel so confident for the forthcoming Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. This is not a matter of pure luck but a matter of proper running management.

Running Management 101

1. Replace Your Shoes.

The shoe is the most important running accessory. You need to replace your marathon running shoe as soon as they start to wear. Time is ripe to donate you marathon running shoe to red cross, when you start feeling sharp piercing pain on your feet when you step on rocks on the road.

2. Avoid Overtraining.

This is especially important after you have done a long run. Personally I do my long marathon runs on Sunday, rest on monday, short jog on Tuesday morning then resume running on Wednesday. You need to give your body sufficient time to recover. But dont rest to much or your body looses the training gains.

3. Change Training Surfaces.

Once in a while run on grass. Tarmac is hard and running on it is difficult. Give your feet a break by running on grass. Grass is like carpet, its soft. I find it ideal for doing speed runs.

Happy running

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