Funny Catherine Ndereba

Posted: September 7, 2007 in marathon news

You have to agree with me, Chatherine Ndereba is arguably the most succesful female 26 mile marathon runner around. You might also not be aware that Catherine the great has a funny way of seeing the world. I found it tickling the answer she gave when she was asked by a Journalist

to tell the difference between racing a marathon in Osaka in winter and one in summer. With humour she said “The Osaka Marathon in the summer and winter are two different things because in winter, in January, I ran the whole race with my gloves on and with something underneath my singlet,” Ndereba said. “But, today, if I had been able to run naked I would have,” she added smiling. “Unfortunately, I could not because I knew that my daughter was watching and she would not like it if mum was running without clothes on!” 


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