Start strong run strong finish strong.

Posted: September 6, 2007 in marathon training

My best performance has always been when I have started running at a fast pace. Not the high speed of a professional runner but a fast pace. When I start at a fast pace I feel my body getting strong and am able to maintain a high tempo.

 Conventional wisdom or New ideas

Previously I used to start at a slow pace hoping to raise the tempo. This proved difficult as I found out once I develop a speed my body adapts into it and its difficult to raise the tempo. While the conventional wisdom is to start slowly and raise your tempo I dont think it applies to every runner. Lasy year, when I did the full marathon I tried to the conventional Our bodies are different and it upto you to know your body and the best way it functions.

Try different forms of running, start strong and see whether your body stays strong. Start slowly and see whether you can raise the tempo. Or try the three phase strategy start slowly, raise the tempo and finish slowly. Never be afraid of trying something new.


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