Inspiration from land of war

Posted: September 4, 2007 in inspiring stories

One great inspiring story from Osaka, is about a rookie runner from palestine. Its is a story of courage and love. Her name is 16 year old Gharid Ghrouf. She was the sole runner from palestine. It took her three days to get to Japan only to arrive in Japan and to discover she had been entered in the wrong race. A technical error by Palestinian Sports authority saw her entered in 800 metres instead of 100m.

She did not sulk and she  lined up against Maria Mutola in the heats. She had some jitters, “I was very afraid to do the 800m but I tried to do my best”

She has future plans, “I want to study at college or university afterwards and be a sports teacher and coach,” she reveals. “I hope to study at the university in Tunisia and somebody talked to me about studying in Luxembourg and France. But it is difficult to have contact with my family in France or Luxembourg so it is better for me to go to school in Tunisia.”

 With her attitude, to take life as it comes like she showed in Osaka. She will surely achieve her dream.


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