Seven ways on How to become a champion

Posted: September 2, 2007 in inspiring stories

What does it take to get the top? Sacrifice. That is what Nigel Mansell a former formula one world champion tells you.

Nigel Mansell won the 1992 driver championship. And it was a long tough way to the podium.


Starting out in 1980 and win his first crown in 1992. Along the way he survived a broken neck and broken vertebre. But the fire in the belly kept him going. Every runner will suffer knee and ankle injury but if you are persistence you will achieve your goals.

Selling his house

He used his own money to claw his way up the ladder, buying a kart, investing £15 in a Formula Ford lesson and then selling his house and belongings to fund a second season in 1977, when he went on to win the title.

Mansell,  also worked as a window cleaner to finance his career. That is what I call sacrifice. The willing to give up everything, even if it means selling your house, to achieve your dream.  

Champions of the future.

Today he spends his time teaching secrets of success to future formula one champions.

The following are his seven secrets of success.

1. Understand everything

2. Work hard – and then work harder

3. The word ‘no’ does not exist

4. Pull together with your team, friends and family

5. Keep finishing – even if you don’t always win

6. Be professional in and out the car

7. Stay strong and positive

I believe this qualities apply to any successful endeavour. Whether a racing driver, business or running a marathon.


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