Power Training

Posted: August 20, 2007 in marathon training

In my first standard Chartered marathon the hardest part of the 26 miles was the last 6 miles. When I saw the 20 mile mark sign and checked my watch, quick mental calculation showed it had taken me 2 hours 15 minutes. I optimistically thought it would take me at most 40 minutes to get to the finish. Well under my target of finishing in 3 hours.

Hitting the Wall

From that point I dont know what hit me. Coz it was all down hill. My speed just came crushing down. My feet got sore and I had to abandon my goal of running the whole distance. I had hit the so called Wall.

 Frog Jumps

The more I walked the harder it became to restart my mortar. My endurance wasnt good. The coming week I plan to focus on power training, no road running. I will be doing frog jumping round a track. The objective is to develop strong leg muscles.

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