beating morning blues

Posted: August 10, 2007 in marathon training

Last evening I received a distressing phone call from one of my customer. The inpatient customer had placed an order and was, for no apparent good reason,  threatening to terminate the deal. I did my best to sweet talk him to be more patient and promised to see him fast thing in the morning to explain myself.

I tried to black out the whole incident as I went to sleep. Luckly I slept soundly. No sooner had I woken up in the morning to go out for my morning marathon run that the previous night incident flushed on my mind. The anxienty of losing the deal and the customer was to high. Mentally I tried to focus on marathon training but the fear stuck. The temptation to get to bed and nurse my fears was high. A stronger part of me persistented and urged me, Constantine! Go! Go!.

Labour of love

Marathon training requires a strong mental state. An ability to block all negative thoughts. And focus on one important goal marathon running. I just kept telling myself, you have to do it! you have to do!after many repetitions I mastered the courage to get out of the door and get going.


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