Posted: August 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

My funny moment today was an item I heard on BBC sports radio. I story that is my nomination for all time Bizarre sporting story. It was reported that Leroy Litta a professional footballer with Reading F.C., a top English premier league team, injured his leg muscle while stretching on bed after waking up in the morning. Of all places his bed!. According to the team manager the player has not trained for the last two days because he is in great pain. This incident is bizzare because this is a strong player who has been busy training for weeks in readiness for forthcoming season. The manager was quick to warn everyone this is no laughing matter.

 You never know where the devil strikes!

We get injuries while marathon training on tarmac, when pushing our legs hard but nobody expects a simple morning exercise on the comfort of our bed to be that lethal. This incident reminds me that in marathon running just like every other endeavour in life we need good old luck. You can do all the preparation and practice for the big marathon, but remember the devil of misfortune is always lurking on our shadow. Today it could be a germ you unknowingly inhaled on your way to work that could keep you from training tomorrow. Good Luck and my best wishes to Leroy Litta for a quick and cheerful recovery.


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